The Beginnings of GoPro

Camera companies have been popping up but only a few remain after so many years in the business. One of them comes in the name of GoPro as being one of the most prominent figures nowadays because of the incredible reputation it has built over the years. But how exactly did GoPro begin?

GoPro began with the idea and creativity of a man named Nick Woodman. It was during his trip to Australia back in 2002 that he went on a surfing trip. Nick was enthusiastic as he was hoping to take some high quality photos that showed the upright action while he was surfing. However, due to the lack of equipment that was made for action photography and the fact that amateur photographers couldn’t even get close to him and take shots, Nick was unable to obtain these action photos like he wanted. This became his inspiration that drove him to his desire to develop a camera system that enabled capturing intense and thrilling moments like he had while surfing and also capture photos at professional angles. This later became the godfather of the name of his company – “GoPro”.

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At first, Nick raised money for GoPro’s birth by selling beads and shells that were made into belts out of his van. While he was making these belts, another idea struck him and this lead to the development of straps that would later attach and make the GoPro cameras wearable and mountable.

It was then in 2004 that GoPro sold its first camera that used a 35 mm film; but as years went by, GoPro also evolved and later to be known as one of the most prominent figures in photography and dominating the field of action videography. visit eastsideclimateaction for more…