Housing Types with Residential Construction

Residential construction involves building up of houses for people to reside in and consider them as their homes. It involves planning, designing, constructing and furnishing the home up to the point of its completion and making the necessary maintenance. With its focus on residential establishments or building homes, residential construction exercises more freedom when it comes to the design and construction of houses as it only has one goal which is to provide a home that’s comfortable and safe to live in. There are many different types of houses in residential construction. Here are the various homes styles commonly established in residential construction.

Ranch Home Style

The Ranch home style features a single level housing unit which can have a partial or a full basement. The garage is typically attached to one side of the house. The big advantage that the Ranch home style brings is that it saves a lot on steps. This means that it’s more convenient since the home doesn’t have many steps to climb up unlike multi-leveled housing units. Another advantage that Ranch houses have is that they are easier to maintain since you only have to manage one level instead of cleaning up several levels of your home. Ranch home styles come at a more expensive price compared to colonial or split-level home styles.


Colonial Home Style

The Colonial home style comes as a two-storey housing unit which has been one of the most commonly built homes for many years in the line of residential architecture. While being well-built houses, they come with an option for customization which many homeowners utilize to put their unique taste of individuality in their homes. One of the main features that colonial homes boast is their spaciousness and the sheer elegance that it exudes. There are several varieties that colonial home styles have which may contain a basement that’s partially finished and fit for storage use, a first floor that is composed of a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, the porch and other additional rooms and there’s the second floor which houses the bedrooms and the bathrooms.

Split Level Home Style

It was the years after World War II that the Split Level home style became more and more popular. This was because of the space that it provided and the utility options that it offered. Split Level homes are divided into two (2) types – the front-to-back Split Level home and the side-to-side Split Level home. Most Split Level houses have a basement. The ground level contains a den or a playroom and the following levels contain the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. The second floor may contain various bedroom and bathroom for the inhabitants of the home and the attic on the topmost level can be used as a storage or even be expanded for more space. Load more