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Why Are Online Casinos Such A Hit?

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How To Avoid Being Duped By Marked Cards

The Wild, Wild West is no longer a reality. If you want to play poker today, you can typically find a nearby cardroom or casino that provides a secure and safe atmosphere.

But if card cheaters are good at something, it’s coming up with fresh and inventive ways to cheat.

Marking cards is one of the oldest cheating techniques in the book, and it’s been used in poker for decades.

Even in areas where official games are readily available, underground and home games are very common, and they are often the only viable choice for poker fans in places where gambling is prohibited.

As a result, it’s critical to safeguard yourself against being duped by marked cards.


Playing with shady characters is not a good idea.

There’s nothing wrong with searching for “spots” as a poker player. You want to play with people who aren’t so good at poker but have a lot of cash to play with.

If you’re playing in a private game, however, you should be extremely cautious about the lineup, particularly if you’re invited to a new game.

Of course, this isn’t always obvious, and you might be completely unaware that you’ve been duped. However, there are moments when it is painfully clear.

Staying away from suspicious games is the bare minimum you can do for yourself. You should be able to “read” people to some degree as a poker player, so use these skills when choosing where you want to play.


Pay attention to the hand motions of the players.

There are a variety of ways to label cards these days, but the majority of cheaters aren’t very sophisticated. Making subtle marks on the edges of cards with your fingernails is the most common way to mark cards on the spot.

It’s now perfectly acceptable for players to shuffle and even raise their cards from the table. It occurs often in both private games and casinos.

However, if anyone appears to be squeezing their cards strangely and paying too much attention to them, it may be a sign they’re up to no good.